Locality Numbers and Names A1201
Locality Description
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Project(s) Cvancara Freshwater Mussel Survey, MBK NAPC 2009
Study Area
  • 47.015862000000, -98.100676000000
County Barnes
State North Dakota
Country United States of America
Principal Meridian Fifth (5th) Principal Meridian
PLSS Quarter Quarter NE SW
PLSS Section Sec. 24
PLSS Township 141N
PLSS Range 59W
Stratigraphy Surficial
Chronostratigraphy Recent
Contact 1
Distance from Contact 1 (m)
Contact 2
Distance from Contact 2 (m)
Stratigraphic level
Distance to base of formation (m)
Distance to base of formation error (m)
Distance to top of formation
Distance to top of formation error (m)
Stratigraphic Notes
Taxon Category (I) Invertebrates (misc.), (N) Nonmarine mollusks
Institution University of North Dakota
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