Moving House

It sounds like the UND paleo collections will be managed with a different database system (don't worry, still online). I'll update this as needed, but all the data contained here will be rolled over.

Changes and Adjustments

The website you're viewing is in a bit of a muddle--it's the "working copy" of NodakPaleo. I'm simultaneously trying to add data and figuring out how to structure things. If you find things working--great! If you find something lacking (and you think I can help), please drop me a line.

We're live!

We're live: you can now reach NodakPaleo from! Specimens and localities can be searched, you can create an account (subject to approval), and you can even export (some of) the data for your own research. We'll keep adding data and functionality as long as there are specimens to list, fields to fill, and researchers who are interested.

In other, more immediate news, a big welcome goes out to attendees at our Geological Society of America presentation!

News Update 1

It's been a third of a year since we switched to Drupal as a CMS/database frontend for and I'm finally getting around to setting up the front page! When you start such a large project, you know how it goes: first you want to make sure everything works, and then you want to fill your database up, and then you realize there are some more problems, and finally you're looking down the barrel of a long session of data entry and someone else wants to see the website.